Spy Phone
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Available No
Type Award
Member item No
Party None
Cost N/A
Where found Passing the PSA Quiz, Missions
Item ID 800
Unlockable Yes (entering the code from Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force)
Not to be confused with the EPF Phone.

The Spy Phone was a small, blue phone that all Secret Agents received after becoming Secret Agents. It used to transport agents to nearly all of the rooms on Club Penguin Island, and contained some gadgets like the agent tools (scissors, a comb and a wrench). Since May 2010, when the PSA was replaced by the EPF, trying to use the Spy Phone alerts a message that directs the player to the EPF test.

Functional parts

Spyphone diagram

The Complete Model #102405 Diagram.

  • Long-Range Antenna
  • View Screen
  • HQ Entry Button
  • 14.3 Hz Auditory Impulse Receptor
  • Teleporter Scroll Button
  • Spy Gadgets button, for revealing scissors, a comb and a wrench


  • Before July 2008, the Spy Phone was accessible from the bottom-right corner of the player card. It was then moved the "Awards" section of the inventory.
  • On May 27, 2010, pressing the PSA phone shows a message that directs the player to the test of becoming an EPF Agent. The current spy phone is the EPF Spy Phone.
  • PSA agents who haven't answered the EPF message for becoming an agent will still have the Spy Phone icon above the map.


  • In the F.I.S.H., when you click on on the long-range antenna on the spy phone, a coded note appears telling you that the LED blinking light says, "You are cool" in Morse Code.
  • The model number of the spy phone in the F.I.S.H., #102405, is a reference to October 24, 2005, the date Club Penguin was officially released.



The message that shows if you try to use a Spy Phone.

  • After the CPIP updates, the Spy Phone was able to be seen on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen rather than going through your inventory.
  • Gary himself said that he did not know what the comb was for.
  • The Spy Phone was Gary's first invention.
  • It was stated in The F.I.S.H. that if you get banned you lose your Spy Phone, but it is just a threat for you not to do anything to get banned. You can't actually lose your Spy Phone.


Names in other languages

Language Name
FrenchLe Spionphonik
SpanishTeléfono de espía
RussianШпионо-фон ППП

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