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Spy Phone
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Available No
Type Award
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Getting an agent application approved, passing the PSA test, unlock from Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Item ID 800
Unlockable Yes

The Spy Phone was an award in Club Penguin. All players could receive it when becoming an agent of the Penguin Secret Agency. This was originally done by submitting an application through a hidden form in the moderator badge in the top-right corner of the screen[1][2] and waiting for a Club Penguin Staff member to manually approve the application.[3] This was later changed to a multiple choice test, and if the player passed, they became an agent.[4] All players could also obtain it by unlocking it with the code card included in the case of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.

After the PSA was put out of commission in May 2010, the Spy Phone was succeeded by the EPF Phone, used by Elite Penguin Force agents. When the EPF Phone was obtained, it replaced the Spy Phone if the player had one.


Location Available from Available until
Getting an agent application approved Prior to October 2005 February 10, 2006[5]
Passing the PSA test March 29, 2006 May 27, 2010


Location Available from Available until
Unlock Items Online November 25, 2008 May 20, 2014


Spyphone diagram

The Model #102405 diagram

The specifications of the Spy Phone were detailed in The F.I.S.H.. The phone is Model #102405, referencing Club Penguin's release date (October 24, 2005) in month/day/year format. The Spy Phone was built by Gary the Gadget Guy.

  • Long-range Antenna
  • LED Function Light
    • Clicking this light caused either a wrench, pair of scissors, or comb to pop out for a few seconds. In PSA missions, all three popped out at once, and could be used. Additionally, the light had a secret message in morse code, detailed below.
  • Viewscreen
  • Teleport button
  • HQ Entry Button
  • 14.3 hZ Auditory Impulse Receptor
  • Teleporter scroll button
    • Clicking this, either on the top of bottom part of the button, would cause the Viewscreen to cycle either forward or backward between rooms. Clicking the Teleport button teleported the player to the selected room.


Spy Phone Interface Icon

The Spy Phone's interface icon

  • In The F.I.S.H., there was a page detailing the Spy Phone's specifications. Clicking on the antenna on the picture of the Spy Phone caused a note to appear, which read "THE RED LIGHT SPELLS "YOU ARE COOL" IN MORSE CODE".
    • Before the release of The F.I.S.H., the phone's blinking light's message was a secret. The first players to discover the message were Herman and Jazzypenguin, and they were each awarded with 5000 coins for solving it.[6]
  • Despite inventing the Spy Phone, Gary remarked in PSA Mission 5: Secret of the Fur that he "almost thought [the Spy Phone's] comb wasn't good for anything" until the player used it to comb fur for the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  • There was a Prototype Spy Phone, which appeared on a shelf of old inventions in the Gadget Room.
  • The Spy Phone was originally only accessible from the Player Card. After the Club Penguin Improvement Project updates, a button to quickly access it was added to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, above the map, and the Spy Phone was also made accessible from the new Awards category in the inventory.
  • If the player tried to access the Spy Phone after May 27, 2010, a message appeared instead, prompting PSA agents to take the EPF test in the Everyday Phoning Facility to become an EPF agent.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Telefone-secreto
French Le Spionphonik
Spanish Teléfono de espía
German Agenten-Handy
Russian Шпионо-фон ППП


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