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Pizzatron 3000 Squid Topping
Scientific name Teuthida
Similar creatures Jellyfish
Appeared Ice Fishing (DS)
Predators Megalodon, Penguin, Whale, big Fish
Prey Small Fish
Were you looking for the Giant Squid, or Squidzoid?

A Squid is a creature that lives in Club Penguin. They can only be seen in a few places. They appear in the Club Penguin DS game.

Pizzatron 3000[]

  • In Pizzatron 3000, you are able to put them on a pizza. For a while, no one was quite sure where they originated.
    Squid tray

    The squid tray from the Pizzatron 3000

Elite Penguin Force[]


A squid in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.

Giant Squid[]

Giant Squid!

The Giant Squid

Main article: Giant Squid

Giant Squids are gigantic squids that are sometimes seen in the game Aqua Grabber. It's unknown what color they are, as it is too dark where they live to see. It appears in Clam Waters (Stage 1), but only sometimes. Before you see the squid, the screen will shake. It also appears in Puffle Rescue as a giant shadow which you have to follow in order to get the Moss Key Pin. They also appeared at the Iceberg during the Island Adventure Party 2010.


Main article: Squidzoid

Squidzoid is fictional enormous penguin/squid combination that is large enough to devour buildings, as seen when he eats the Pet Shop. After being hit with the fused powers of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, Squidzoid was transformed into his previous state of a normal penguin. A Squidzoid costume was available for Members to purchase from the Costume Trunk.

Orange Squids[]

Main article: Orange Squid

Orange Squids appear in Puffle Rescue. They are actually octopi. If the player gets too close, they will release an electric charge. Touching it will cause the player to lose a life.


Squidzoid limited penguin!

A Squidzoid penguin plush.

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