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Stadium Games
Stadium Games Stadium

The Stadium during the event

Members only? No
When September 24 – December 20, 2010
Free Item(s) Miners Helmet
Location Stadium
Mascot(s) None

The Stadium Games was an event in Club Penguin to celebrate Team Yellow's first appearance and the release of Club Penguin: Game Day! for the Nintendo Wii.

Free item[]

Image Item Location Members only?
Miners Helmet clothing icon ID 429 Miners Helmet Stadium No


The Stadium Games "tied-in" with the Club Penguin: Game Day! release for the Nintendo Wii. Although the point of the Wii game is to "conquer the Island", the Stadium Games only took place in the Stadium.


Each penguin could receive a Golden, Silver or Bronze Medal by winning the 100 Meter Waddle.


  • This was 1 of 2 events without music for the year. The other event was the Cave Expedition.
  • Players were not able to play soccer or hockey during this event.
  • It ended when the Ice Rink came back during the Holiday Party 2010.
  • Until The EPF Rebuild event in 2013, it used to be the longest event ever. Lasting for 2 months and 20 days, ranging from the start of fall (in northern hemisphere) to the end of fall.


  • There was a big glitch in the Stadium, that about 10 error messages about Adobe Flash Player would pop up, and when you close all the error messages, the screen will freeze (for example, if you are walking, it would be like you are running at the same place), most dancing penguins would become Old Blue penguins and making dancing moves that are a "hybrid" between break-dancing and normal dancing. This glitch was later fixed.


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