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Shield (Green)

An easy-type party stamp

Stamps were special rewards released on July 26, 2010. Stamps were earned by playing games and working as a team with other penguins. There were 4 difficulty levels of stamps: Easy (green), Medium (yellow), Hard (blue) and Extreme (red). Some were for all players and some were only for members. There were 352 different stamps.

The Stamp Book was used to collect stamps. Each individual penguin had his/her own Stamp Book. Members were able to customize the cover of their Stamp Book, and were able to edit the color, highlight, pattern, and icon. Members were also able to display their favorite received stamps and pins on the cover, with a limit of 6 stamps and pins at one time. Stamp Books for other penguins could also be accessed, which allowed penguins to show off their stamps.

In the Stamp Book, the stamps were divided into 4 general sections. Some of these sections also had sub-sections. For example, in the "Games" section, there were sub-sections devoted to individual games. The "Events" section only had the Characters sub-section until the Party sub-section was released in August 2010.

Also, each section had its own design. Game stamps were hexagonal-shaped, Video Game Stamps were trapezoid-shaped, activity stamps were oval-shaped, and events stamps were triangularly shaped.


In addition to stamps, pins were also collected in the Stamp Book. Using the Stamp Book, penguins could show off their pins to other penguins in Club Penguin. The pins are arranged in date of release (the time they are available). If you hover over them, you can also see when the pins were released and what they are called.


List of Stamps[]

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  • For each game, you could get double coins if you get all the game's stamps, except for Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water, and Treasure Hunt.
  • To have a chance of collecting all the stamps, you needed to be a member.
  • There was a mysterious page at the far back of a penguin's Stamp Book - this was later revealed by the Club Penguin team to be "a mystery, but maybe an indication to say that there will be more Stamps in the future".
  • The Trick-or-treat stamp was the first stamp to change difficulty, where it was changed from the "Easy" difficulty level to the "Medium" difficulty level.
  • There were some occasions where stamps that you have not earned (example: a penguin earning a 365 days stamp before it has been on Club Penguin for 365 days) were added to your Stamp Book. You could contact the Club Penguin support team and they would eventually remove it.
  • Stamps from Club Penguin: Game Day! were no longer available from May 20, 2014 onwards due to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection being discontinued for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii systems, thus preventing coins, items, and stamps from being transferred from the game to online.


  • For a few minutes after the initial stamps were released, some penguins already had all the stamps. This was fixed very soon after.
  • There was a glitch that when your membership expired it will say, "Get Membership" in different languages that did not let you look at it. This was fixed.
  • There was a glitch where it only had the party icon in front page, this was fixed.
  • There was a glitch where in your player card it would say undefined stamps, this was fixed.
  • When clicking on a stamp page it might've said you had all the stamps there.
  • There was a glitch occurring on a server where penguins lost all their stamps. It was fixed later.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Selos Stamps
Spanish Estampillas Stamps
French Badges Badges
German Marke Brands
Russian Марки Stamps

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