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Star Reporter
Date released July 30, 2009
Unlocks items? Yes

Star Reporter is the third Club Penguin Pick Your Path Book.



Congratulations! You just got a job as a reporter for The Club Penguin Times. You want to prove to the paper's editor in chief, Aunt Arctic, that you're a star reporter. But what assignment will you pick? Will it be the big ice hockey game, a party at the Iceberg, or the latest play at The Stage? It's up to you!
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  • The Stage Play during this book is Ruby and the Ruby, because this book was released during the encore.
  • Aunt Arctic is the some-what main character in this book.
  • This is the third book in the Pick Your Path series.
  • On the front of the book the reporter is Light Blue, but on the back he is Old Blue. It is very likely that this was just the way the lighting was.
  • In one of the story lines, a crowd of penguins are shouting games for you to challenge the Blue Team captain to and one penguin says, "Extreme Jetpack Surf Carts!", this penguin is probably X-Treme Penguin.
  • It mentions a selection of Club Penguin items, including the Dazzling Blue Tuxedo.


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