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Star Wars Rebels Takeover
Star Wars Rebels Takeover Logo.png

Members only? No
When January 22 - February 4, 2015
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) None

Join the Rebellion!
— The slogan for the party

The Star Wars Rebels Takeover was a party in Club Penguin that began on January 22 and ended on February 4, 2015. It is based on the Disney XD CGI-animated television series Star Wars Rebels.


The Galactic Empire comes to Club Penguin Island once again, in an attempt to take it over. However, a small group of rebels on the starship The Ghost also arrive, and gather penguins to join their rebellion to put a final stop to the Empire.

After finishing several tasks to let the Imperials know that the rebels are there, and being trained by Kanan in the art of the lightsaber, he is captured and chained up by The Inquisitor. Penguins then challenge and defeat him.

Free items

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  • Sometimes if the player tried to go to the Space room, there would be a popup saying "There was an error".
  • If the player tried to use the music note emote (by pressing 'et'), it did not make the noise it usually made.
  • While the stormtroopers were shooting at the player in The Inquisitor's Base, the player could walk around the room.


  • The party was confirmed on the What's New Blog on November 26, 2014. In the post, it confirmed that penguins would be able to "join the rebellion and fight back against the dark side".
  • It is the first sponsored party in 2015 and the eleventh sponsored party overall.
    • Although the original party was based on the Star Wars film Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels actually takes place five years before that time period.
  • Two weeks before the party, The Ghost became visible in the Beacon Telescope and then became closer the nearer the party became.
  • The Club Penguin Times temporarily changed to The Imperial Times, starting with issue 483.
  • Due to an error of the team, the Zeb and Hera missions at the party got unlocked on January 23, instead of January 24.
  • There was a secret message at the Dock written in Aurebesh, which, when decoded, read "There are more mysteries to be seen. Keep an eye on the wilds."
  • Club Penguin Island was decorated as Lothal, Ezra's home planet.


Sneak Peeks

Behind the Scenes

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Party Pop Ups





Safe Chat Messages

Star Wars Rebels
May the Force be with you
Join the Empire!
Become a rebel!
Get out of here bucketheads!
It's a trap!
Free the prisoners
Round up the prisoners!
The Inquisitor is coming!


Question Answer
What do planets like to read? Comet books!
Where does Luke Skywalker buy his lightsaber? Darth Mall!
What do you call a Sith that works at a restaurant? Darth Waiter!
Why didn't the droid like the coffee on the asteroid? There was no atmosphere!
Where does the Ghost park? A parking meteor!
How did the penguin get to Endor? Ewoked over!
Why do doctors make the best Jedi? Because a Jedi must have patience!
What's a Jedi's favorite toy? A yo-yoda!
Why did the angry Jedi cross the road? To get to the Dark Side.

Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Beach This is the Imperial Fort. Prisoners are brought in... and kept in that pen. Let's free them!
Cove Welcome aboard the Ghost! Practice your piloting, but don't break anything... or Chopper will get angry!
Dock This is the Imperial Starport. Where officials and tourists land. Do you see those symbols? I wonder what they mean..
Forest Shhh! We might be walking into an ambush! This is where smugglers meet... but the Empire could be watching..
Snow Forts This used to be lush farmland... but the Empire changed that... they pushed everyone out...and dropped all their junk here!
Plaza This is the bustling center of our city. Aliens visit from all over... mostly for the pizza!
Town Center Welcome to the market... you might find meiloorun fruit... or you could grab a drink... at Javva the Hutt!
Space We're in space! Watch for freighters and X-Wings and even TIE fighters. Ready for hyperspace?

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Star Wars Rebels A Invasão
French Star Wars Rebels La Fête
Spanish Star Wars Rebels La Invasión
German Star Wars Rebels Party
Russian Звёздные Войны: Повстанцы


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