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Star Wars Rebels Takeover interface
Star Wars Rebels Takeover Interface Icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Star Wars Rebels Takeover
Where? Everywhere

The Star Wars Rebels Takeover interface was an interface available during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover.


All players were able to collect an item after completing a daily task, while members could exclusively obtain the costume of the character assigning the task. After completing all of the tasks, players were able to receive the Blue Lightsaber, allowing them to duel with other players.


Daily tasks

Image Name Type Release date Members only
Clothing Icons 5509
Sabine's Spray Gun Hand Item January 22, 2015 No
The Sabine icon
The Sabine Head Item Yes
Sabine's Outfit icon
Sabine's Outfit Body Item
Ezra's Slingshot icon
Ezra's Slingshot Hand Item January 22, 2015 No
The Ezra icon
The Ezra Head Item Yes
Ezra's Outfit icon
Ezra's Outfit Body Item
Rebel's Flag icon
Rebel's Flag Hand Item January 24, 2015 No
The Zeb icon
The Zeb Head Item Yes
Zeb's Outfit icon
Zeb's Outfit Body Item
Hydrospanner icon
Hydrospanner Hand Item January 24, 2015 No
The Hera icon
The Hera Head Item Yes
Hera's Outfit icon
Hera's Outfit Body Item
Clothing Icons 9291
Join the Crew Background Background January 25, 2015 No
The Kanan icon
The Kanan Head Item Yes
Kanan's Outfit icon
Kanan's Outfit Body Item
Blue Lightsaber icon
Blue Lightsaber Hand Item After completing all other tasks Yes

Duel Progress

# Icon Name Type
Furniture Icons 2327
Speeder Bike Room Furniture
Purple Lightsaber icon
Purple Lightsaber Hand Item
Hera's Blaster icon
Hera's Blaster
Dual Lightsabers icon
Dual Lightsabers
Igloo Icons 83
Starship Igloo Igloo
The Inquisitor icon
The Inquisitor Head Item
The Inquisitor's Outfit icon
The Inquisitor's Outfit Body Item
The Inquisitor's Lightsaber icon
The Inquisitor's Lightsaber Hand Item


Sneak Peeks


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