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Star Wars Takeover
SWT Logo.png

Members only? No
When July 25 – August 15, 2013
Free Item(s) See the Free items section
Location Club Penguin Island
Death Star
Yavin 4
Mascot(s) Darth Herbert
A long time ago on an island far, far away...
— The tagline for the party

The Star Wars Takeover was a party in Club Penguin, which began on July 25, 2013 and ended on August 15, 2013. It is based on the Star Wars™ films. It is Club Penguin's first partnership with Lucasfilm Limited, and began only months after Disney's purchase of the company in October 2012.[1]

The storyline for the party is based on the Original Trilogy of the Star Wars films, mainly Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.


Opening Crawl

CHAPTER 1 THE THREAT OF DARTH HERBERT It is a time of grave danger. DARTH HERBERT and the evil Empire threaten the island. Join the rebel forces to battle Stormtroopers, steal the secret plans, and destroy the Death Star. Without your help, destruction is certain. Defeat the dark side and restore freedom to the galaxy...


Herbert returns to seek revenge for his defeat during Operation: Hot Sauce. He assumes the role of Darth Herbert (an obvious spoof of the famous Sith Lord Darth Vader), joining the Stormtroopers, who are battling with the Rebel Forces above Club Penguin at the time. He takes control of the Death Star.

The island is in a code red alert as they discover the space station floating in the sky. The Rebel Alliance sends out a call for help to Club Penguin Island. Penguins work around the clock to build a landing pad for the Millennium Falcon at the Dock, so that when it landed on July 25, penguins can blast into space to destroy the Death Star and save the galaxy. After flying to Tatooine and destroying Stormtrooper spies on Tatooine, penguins infiltrated the Death Star to obtain the secret plans, and after that, used them to find its weak spot and destroy it. Just before it exploded, Darth Herbert escaped in a starship. Meanwhile, penguins across the galaxy rejoice about the Empire's defeat.


Parent Update

Save the Galaxy!

Use the Force! Players can join the Rebel Alliance, find secret plans, infiltrate the Death Star, and defeat the evil Empire! Members can become a Jedi Master.

Variety Article

Over the past year, Disney Interactive, which oversees Club Penguin, has increasingly turned to its corporate parent for more synergistic crossovers.

Club Penguin’s managers have also given the sponsored events more playtime, with the events lasting two weeks at a time. Marvel was the first Disney branded crossover last summer, followed by “Monsters University.”

But the “Star Wars” event is Club Penguin’s largest to date, which runs through July 25, timed with next week’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

The takeover involves 18 rooms, three mini games and 20 or more costumes for penguin characters. The “Star Wars” theme will also be offered on Club Penguin’s new mobile app, which has registered 1.5 million downloads since it was launched two months ago.

“The partnership with Lucasfilm has been amazing,” said Chris Heatherly, a Disney Interactive VP and head of Club Penguin. “They've given us a lot of creative latitude and worked closely with us to make it faithful to the property.”

Club Penguin’s managers had long been approached by its users to integrate “Star Wars” into the virtual world and received even more requests when Disney bought Lucasfilm last year for $4 billion.

“We have been bombarded by kids since the Lucasfilm acquisition was announced,” Heatherly said. “We knew there was a lot of audience demand out there. The Lucas guys understood that. And now we’re offering ‘Star Wars’ because we can.”

Family Room Entertainment Weekly

Stormtroopers and Penguins?

Your kids may want penguins added to the official Star Wars story after Disney’s Club Penguin has its first event with the iconic franchise. The Star Wars Takeover, available to play beginning July 25, will feature Darth Herbert and the evil Empire threatening the island. Your child (or, let’s be honest, you) can then join the rebel forces to battle Stormtroopers, steal the secret plans and destroy the Death Star (seen in the exclusive image above). Penguins will also be able to dress up like some favorite Star Wars characters while they try to save the galaxy.

Takeovers aren’t new to the game site — Marvel, Shake It Up! and Monsters University have all had turns — but fans have long been clamoring for a Star Wars one.[2]


On June 20, 2013, along with Club Penguin's usual updates, the Club Herbert website was updated with a transparent image of space, with copyright info at the bottom. Hours later, Polo Field made the official announcement on the What's New Blog about the party, along with a ten second teaser video.

Free items


Image Item Type Location
Stormtrooper Helm.png Stormtrooper Helmet Head Item By completing level #1 of the Blaster Game
RTHelmet.png Rebel Helmet Head Item By completing level #1 of Infiltrate the Death Star
RebelRewardPin.png Rebel Reward Pin Pin By completing level #4 of Infiltrate the Death Star
DeathStarPlansBGicon.png Death Star Plans Background Background By completing level #5 of Infiltrate the Death Star
Yavin 4 Background Icon.png Yavin 4 Background Background By completing level #1 of the X-Wing Pilot Game
X-wing Helmet clothing icon ID 1642.PNG X-wing Helmet Head Item By completing level #2 of the X-Wing Pilot Game
RebelRewardMedal.png Rebel Reward Medal Neck Item By completing the X-Wing Pilot Game
Dark Side Giveaway icon.png Dark Side Giveaway Background By meeting Darth Herbert


Image Item Type Location
Clothing Icons 4891.png Stormtrooper Costume Body Item By completing level #2 of the Blaster Game
SandtrooperPauldron.png Sandtrooper Pauldron Neck Item By completing level #3 of the Blaster Game
Rebel Costume clothing icon ID 4894.PNG Rebel Costume Body Item By completing level #2 of Infiltrate the Death Star
Rebel Boots icon.png Rebel Boots Feet Item By completing level #3 of Infiltrate the Death Star
X-Wing Pilot Costume clothing icon ID 4893.PNG X-Wing Pilot Costume Body Item By completing level #3 of the X-Wing Pilot Game

Star Wars Catalog

Main article: Star Wars Catalog


  • The party was officially confirmed on the What's New Blog on June 20, 2013.[3]
  • It is the third party to have the suffix "takeover", first two being the Marvel Super Hero Takeover and Monsters University Takeover.
  • Penguins were able to visit areas from the Star Wars Universe, most notably being: Tatooine, the Death Star, and Yavin 4. This was first confirmed by Spike Hike.[4]
  • Club Penguin appeared at Star Wars Celebration Europe at their own booth. Guests were able to play the Star Wars Takeover, and a special in-game item was handed out.[5]
  • There was a code for this party which was BARONFEL. The code unlocks the TIE Fighter Pilot Costume.
  • Members could become Jedi Masters by dueling other penguins with Lightsabers.
  • Rsnail logged into Club Penguin on July 29, 2013 during the party as revealed on Twitter.[6]
  • People with the My Penguin app could exclusively get the Boba Fett Costume and the Boba Fett Helmet.
  • Although both Cadence and Sensei fit into the storyline of the party, they were not actual mascots waddling around for it. Cadence helped guide you through the party's quest. Sensei helps you become a Jedi Master.
  • About a week before the party, Disney announced a Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars crossover episode to air in the summer of 2014.[7] In August 2013, there was a Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel episode, similar to Club Penguin's crossover events with Marvel. Going even further, the Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars special will air on July 26, 2014. This is almost exactly one year after the start of the Star Wars Takeover.
  • This is one of the only takeovers where the Club Penguin Island was not heavily decorated. As a result of this, most of the party is made up of party rooms.
  • The Dance Club played the Star Wars Theme Remix by Cole Plante.
  • Darth Herbert was meetable one week after the party, like Rookie at the April Fools' Party 2011
  • It was a nominee for the Best Party of 2013 in The Spoiler Alert.
  • In London's Club Penguin office, free lightsabers were given away to celebrate the party.
  • This is the first party to be based on the 'Star Wars' franchise in Club Penguin, followed by the Star Wars Rebels Takeover in January 2015.


How to Play

Each week, penguins will travel to different parts of the galaxy and play a minigame to save the galaxy from Darth Herbert and the Galactic Empire.

During week one, you could have traveled to Tatooine and defeat the enemy in the Blaster Game minigame to receive a Stormtrooper Helmet. Playing more as a member gives you the Stormtrooper Costume and Sandtrooper Pauldron. During week two, you could travel to the Death Star and complete challenges to receive a Rebel Helmet and the secret plans, which appeared as a background. During week three, you could have traveled to the Rebel Base on Yavin 4 to do battle flying an X-Wing and receive a X-wing Helmet, and if you succeeded in blowing up the Death Star, you would receive a Rebel Reward Medal.

Members can buy more than twenty costumes from the Star Wars Catalog.

In addition to this, members also have the chance to become Jedi Masters. To do this, you must equip a Lightsaber and duel with other penguins. Winning a battle will give you an item. Win thirty battles to unlock even more items!





Party Rooms


Sneak Peeks

Stormtroopers at Work



Week 1
Week 2


Club Penguin Island
Death Star
Yavin 4
Club Penguin Island
These alterations of rooms only occurred for players after they destroyed the Death Star.


Login and Homepage

Logoff Screens


Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance

Bounty Hunters



Membership Popups

Club Penguin Times News

Issue 403

Issue 404

Issue 405

Issue 406

Issue 407



Special Messages

Tour Guide Description

Room Tour Guide
Dock The Rebel landing base is complete! A Rebel ship has arrived... to take us into space. The Empire must be defeated. You might be the rebellion's only hope!
Millennium Falcon The Millennium Falcon... is one of the best ships in the fleet. She may not look like much...but she's got it where it counts. That's what her pilot always says
Mos Eisley Here's the Mos Eisley spaceport. If you're feeling parched... head to the Cantina. Wait! There's a Stormtrooper! Defeat him!
Cantina Welcome to the Cantina. This place can be a little rough... but the band's great! Perhaps we can find more pilots here... to help us defeat Darth Herbert.
Tatooine (room) Welcome to Tatooine! It may seem hot and desolate... but great heroes have come from here. When you see Stormtroopers, defeat them. There's one now!
Sand Crawler This is the Sandcrawler. Jawas scavenge the desert... for Droids to re-sell. Maybe you'll find something in the junk!
Lars Homestead This is the Lars Homestead. Here you can work on water condensers... repair damaged Droid units... and dream of leaving for a better life!
Desert This is the desert of Tatooine. You wouldn't want to get lost here. Especially if you're a Droid!
Docking Bay The Death Star's tractor beam... has pulled us into the hangar. Good luck locating the secret plans. The Rebellion depends on you!
Throne Room The Throne Room is where the Emperor sits and contemplates his evil schemes. Thank goodness he's out today!
Meeting Room Here is the Meeting Room. Commanders of the Death Star meet here... and decide which planet to destroy next. I hear they also play chess.
Bridge You may think you've taken a wrong turn... but you must pass through here... to reach the secret plans. With a little luck you can unlock more rooms!
Elevators Just try getting around the Death Star... without taking an elevator. They're blast-reinforced... and good for blocking escapes
Trash Compactor This is the trash compactor. It's magnetically sealed... so please, no blasting. Don't mind the dianoga. Just leave before the walls come in.
Tractor Beam This room controls the Tractor Beams. If they are keeping a ship from leaving... turn them off here. And watch your step when you do.
Detention Block The Detention Block holds many things... including the secret plans! The cells are quite comfortable. In fact they're fit for a princess.
Yavin 4 (room) This is the Rebel base on Yavin 4. Board an X-wing to attack the Death Star. Your target could be as small as a thermal exhaust port.
Rebel Base Here is the Rebel Command Room. If you prove victorious... you'll receive the Rebellions Highest Honor!

Chat Messages

Use the Force
Close the blast doors!
Join the Dark Side
May the Force be with you
That's no moon!
These aren't the Droids you're looking for.
Turns on Lightsaber
We're doomed!
You're my only hope


Question Answer
What do planets like to read? Comet books!
Where does Luke Skywalker buy his Lightsaber? Darth Mall!
What do you call a Sith that works at a restaurant? Darth Waiter!
Why didn't the Droid like the cafe on the asteroid? There was no atmosphere!
Where did the X-wing fighter park his ship? A parking meteor!
How did the penguin get to Endor? Ewoked over!
Why do doctors make the best Jedi? Because a Jedi must have patience!
What's a Jedi's favorite toy? A yo-yoda!
Why did the angry Jedi cross the road? To get to the Dark Side.

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