Starter Deck
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Available No
Type Award
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Dojo or Dojo Courtyard
Item ID 821
Unlockable No

The Starter Deck was an award in Club Penguin. It was a set of Card-Jitsu Cards that contained ten cards. The Starter Deck also showed Ninja Progress when clicked on, and could be viewed in the bottom right corner of the screen at any of the five dojo areas (Dojo Courtyard, Dojo, Fire Dojo, Water Dojo, Snow Dojo, and formerly, Ninja Hideout).


Where found Available from Available until
Talking to Sensei in the Dojo November 17, 2008 May 23, 2013
Entering the Dojo Courtyard or Dojo May 23, 2013 March 30, 2017

Cards included

All cards included in the Starter Deck were from the original set of Card-Jitsu


Power Cards

Players would only receive one of the following. The Power Card received was randomly chosen.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePrimeiro Deque
FrenchLe Jeu de Cartes
SpanishBaraja de iniciación
RussianКолода начинающего


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