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Scientific name Stegosaurus stenops
Similar creatures Dinosaur, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Apatosaurus.
Appeared The Penguins that Time Forgot, Holiday Party 2012, Holiday Party 2013, and the Prehistoric Party 2014, Prehistoric Party 2016
Predators Tyrannosaurus, Utahraptor, Dinosaurus
Prey Plants and Fruit

The Stegosaurus is a species of dinosaur that appeared as a set piece in the play The Penguins that Time Forgot. It was a transformation in the Prehistoric Party 2014, in which there were four different colors: green, blue, purple, and yellow.


  • There was a toy Stegosaurus in the Clothes Shop during the Holiday Party 2012 and Holiday Party 2013.
  • Stegosaurus Puffles are one of the three species of Dinosaur Puffles. They are either yellow or pink.
  • Polo Field posted a sneak peek of it on the What's New Blog.
  • The four colors are described as:
    • Green: Loves a good Polka.
    • Blue: Hikes the volcano for fun.
    • Purple: Does a prize-winning silly walk.
    • Yellow: Brilliant dirt engineer.
  • In real life, Stegosaurus had gone extinct before the late Cretaceous period, when the Prehistoric Party took place.