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Angry Stormtroopers.jpg
Angry Stormtroopers.jpg
Starwars 2013 Game Shooter Boss.png
Starwars 2013 Game Shooter Boss.png|A Stormtrooper as seen in the [[Blaster Game]].
Starwars 2013 Game Shooter Enemy.png
Starwars 2013 Game Shooter Enemy.png|A Stormtrooper as seen in the [[Blaster Game]].
StormtrooperNowWCoffee.png|A Stormtrooper with Coffee.
StormtrooperNowWCoffee.png|A Stormtrooper with Coffee.
StormtrooperHit.png|A Stormtrooper hit with a [[snowball]].
StormtrooperHit.png|A Stormtrooper hit with a [[snowball]].

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Full Name Stormtrooper
Species Penguin
Position Soldiers of Darth Herbert
Appeared Star Wars Takeover
Color Any
Clothes Items Stormtroopers Helmet
Stormtrooper Costume
Related To Each other
Friends With Darth Herbert, TIE Fighter Pilots
Meetable Character? No

Stormtroopers are the warriors loyal to Darth Herbert at the time of the Galactic Empire. Players are able to earn their costume at the Star Wars Takeover. You can fight them in "Defeat Stormtroopers."


  • One appears hiding behind a crate on the Sandcrawler Background, and at Tatooine, Mos Eisley, and Desert. Click on them to play Blaster Game.
  • Stormtroopers carry E-11 blasters that fire snowballs. An average stormtroopers blaster is short, while a sandtrooper commander holds a rifle which is much longer.
  • In the planet Kamino a machine generate Clones like Droids but they generate Clones with very advanced technology.
  • Original stormtroopers are clones but is unknown if Club Penguin stormtroopers are clones as well.



Stormtroopers at Work

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