Submarine Party
Submarine Party Town

The Town during the party

Members only? No
When February 15–22, 2008
Free Item(s) Seashell Belt
Yellow Snorkel
Miners Helmet
Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) None

The Submarine Party was a party in Club Penguin that was celebrated in February 2008. First announced on February 7, 2008 in issue 121 of the Club Penguin Times, this party was held in honor of the penguins who would soon attempt to save the Migrator, as part of the Save the Migrator Project. The music of this party was later reused for the Stage play Underwater Adventure.


Rockhopper came to the Club Penguin Island in January, and his ship crashed at the time, resulting in the Save the Migrator Project being put underway. The efforts of penguins to save his ship resulted in this party taking place.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Seashell Belt clothing icon ID 774
Seashell Belt Book Room No
Yellow Snorkel
Yellow Snorkel Forest No
Miners Helmet clothing icon ID 429
Miners Helmet Iceberg No


Submarine Party 2008 Forest Guitar Easter Egg
  • Aqua Grabber was released on February 19 during this party, hence the name "Submarine Party".
  • The party was originally supposed to end on February 20; however, it was extended until February 22, due to player demands.[1]
  • Mysteriously, there was a colorful guitar in the SWF file of the Forest. It was used during the Winter Fiesta and was probably not deleted.


Club Penguin Times

Issue 121

Issue 122





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