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Summer Splashdown

When July 12 – August 8, 2018
Location Island Central
Characters Rookie

The Summer Splashdown was an event in Club Penguin Island that began on July 12 and ended on August 8, 2018. It was first announced in a You Decide! poll on the Island News Blog, posted by SGT Sparkles.[1] Sneak peeks were revealed in a post by Penny Pebbles.[2]



Image Reward Type Available from Available until
Emoji Fro Yo.png
Emoji Octopus.png
Emoji Surfboard.png
Fro Yo, Octopus, Surfboard Emojis July 12, 2018 August 1, 2018
Beach Torch icon.pngInflatable Chair ID 214 icon.pngInflatable Chair ID 215 icon.png
Inflatable Dolphin icon.pngInflatable Palm Tree icon.pngInflatable Octopus icon.png
Bouncy Castle icon.pngLifeguard Chair CPI icon.pngBBQ icon.png
Ability to buy nine items at Igloos & Interiors
(Beach Torch, Inflatable Chair, Inflatable Chair,
Inflatable Dolphin, Inflatable Dolphin, Inflatable Octopus,
Bouncy Castle, Lifeguard Chair, BBQ)
Tube Mallard Duck icon.png
Mallard Duck Tube

Getting dunked 10 times

Image Reward Type
Blue Splash Tee icon.png
Blue Splash Tee Tops Item


Character Dialogue
Welcome to the first ever Summer Splashdown!
Also known as the time I broke a pipe when digging for treasure.
Rockhopper’s job is tougher than it looks.
We’re making the best of a wet situation.
That means waterslides...
A bouncy blob…
And a dunk tank!
Get dunked 10 times to win a prize!
Fun, right? Maybe this was the treasure, all along!

Hidden (Underground Diner)

The dialogue is spoken but does not appear on screen

Character Dialogue
Oh man!
Crab clicks
Hey, get back here! Wait up!
Slip sound
Whoa! ...Oof. Wipe out.


  • Prior to the event, Rookie listened to Rockhopper's story about a legendary Tube buried somewhere in Island Central and created a leak while jack-hammering to find it.[3]
    • This was originally going to have an in-game tie-in where Island Central would be partially flooded, with construction to build the waterpark present in the event (shown in the videos section below). Upon logging in, Rookie would greet the player, saying he broke a pipe while digging, but hired construction workers to build the waterpark. This scenario was planned to occur for about a week prior to the event[4] but was not finished and never implemented.
  • The event was originally going to end on August 1, but was extended for one more week due to popular demand.[5]


Sneak peeks

Island Central



Beacon Boardwalk

Island Central

Underground Diner

Mt. Blizzard



Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Tibum de Verão
French Été aquatique
Spanish Chapuzón de verano
German N/A
Russian N/A