Sumo Smash!
CPGD Minigame Title Sumo Smash.png

The title screen
Players 1-4
Controls (see below)
Minigame location Iceberg (Club Penguin: Game Day!)
Date released Sept. 17 - Australia, New Zealand
Sept. 21 - North America, Latin America
Sept. 24 - UK

Sumo Smash! is a game only playable on Club Penguin: Game Day!.


Button(s) Result
Press D-pad Move around
Press 2 Hit other penguins
Hold 2 Power Hit (more likely to knock someone off)


Players will have to knock opposing penguins of the iceberg by hitting them off. You can do this by hitting them (charging). You can also fall off yourself if you charge off or are charged off yourself.




Main article: Club Penguin: Game Day!/Music
Name Soundtrack
Jungle Quest
Jungle Quest (fast)
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