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Supply Camp
Great Snow Race Supply Camp

Where Base of Toughest Mountain
Opened August 12, 2010,
August 25, 2011
Closed August 18, 2010,
August 31, 2011
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Here we are at the Supply Camp! Sit around the fire and tell stories... and grab some buddies for your climb! Be sure to check the catalog for supplies!

The Supply Camp was a party room in Club Penguin, accessible during the Mountain Expedition and Great Snow Race. It could be accessed from the Ski Village. To the north there was a path leading to the Ice Race Cavern, and if the player already climbed the mountain, a path to the Mountain Top would be accessible. The Mountain Catalog was also located in this room.

Free items[]

Image Item Party
ChillyTrekHat Chilly Trek Hat Mountain Expedition


Geographic location[]