Sushi Drop
Sushi Platter
Players 1
Controls Touch Screen
Minigame location Club Penguin App
Date released May 9, 2013
Date closed May 21, 2015 (iOS) June 30th, 2015 (Android)

Sushi Drop was an exclusive mini-game in the Club Penguin App. You get a piece of sushi daily. You can receive bonus sushi by reading the What's New Blog, watching a video or playing a game. Each piece of sushi counts as a try in Sushi Drop. It was fully confirmed on What's New Blog by Spike Hike.[1] On May 21, 2015, the game was removed on iOS devices after the Club Penguin App's home screen was updated. However, it was still playable on Android devices, but was removed on Android devices on June 30th, 2015


Players drop a piece of sushi at the top, and when they drop it, the sushi will fall in between rocks. The piece of sushi will eventually land into a clam, giving you coins and sometimes an exclusive item. Also, while playing the game, the player can tap the screen to create bubbles. Bubbles can change the direction of the sushi. However, bubbles last for limited amount of time (about 2 seconds).

List of Items

Here is a list of items that you could earn exclusively by playing Sushi Drop:


  • Each size clam would give you a different amount of coins.
  • It had exclusive items that could be obtained while playing the game.
  • If you came back to the Club Penguin App everyday, you would be given a piece of Sushi (you would also get more for accessing the blog/playing games/watching videos).
  • If players got over 99 sushi, the counter would stop at 99, although sushi could still be earned.

Amount of Coins

  • Giant Clam: 500 coins
  • Clams on far ends: 150 coins
  • Rest of the clams: 200 coins
  • Touching Fluffies: 100 or 150 coins





Sources and References

  1. Mmmm Sushi!!! on What's New Blog
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