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Swamp Maze
Halloween Party 2011 Swamp Maze.png

Where Next to Dark Swamp
Opened October 20, 2011
Closed November 3, 2011
Mini-games None
Room ID 857
Tour Description
Yikes! Watch your step around that swamp... something's alive in there!

The Swamp Maze was a party rooms that appeared at the Halloween Party 2011 in Club Penguin. The entire room was completely dark, but if the player wore either either the Storm Lantern, Flashlight, or Lantern, light would surround them. This light was only visible from the player's own screen, and not to other players. The player could also wear the Dark Vision Goggles in order to see the entire room, in a green color. Wearing an item that allowed for seeing in the dark caused the torch at the entrance to go out until the item was removed.



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