Swashbuckler Trading Post
Rockhopper's Quest Swashbuckler Trading Post

Where Swashbuckler Island
Opened February 24, 2012
Closed March 7, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 852
Tour Description
Yarr harr! This be Swashbuckler Trading Post. We be stopping here to gather supplies... but this also be a chance to get some treasure! Check out the trade catalog before we cast off!

The Swashbuckler Trading Post is a port on an island far from Club Penguin Island. This port had been explored by Captain Rockhopper and penguins during Rockhopper's Quest.


Swashbuckler Trading Post is a famous port on one of the islands where Rockhopper and his crew sailed to in order to gather supplies during Rockhopper's Quest. It was only open for a limited time.


  • As revealed by Rockhopper in the Club Penguin Times, the trading post was home to a "clan" of Pirate Crabs that were extremely enthusiastic to hear the pirate captain's adventures.

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