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System Defender
System Defender Logo
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location EPF Command Room
Date released January 14, 2011[1]
Date closed March 30, 2017
For the adventure from Club Penguin Island, see Ep. 8 - System Defender.

System Defender was a game and a security system for the Elite Penguin Force, launched on January 14, 2011.[1] All EPF Agents could play this game in the EPF Command Room. It was used to defend the EPF Mainframe computer from threats. System Defender was a Tower Defense game.


System Defender energy


Cannons can be bought with energy, and can be placed in any open slot on the map. The player starts each level with 200 energy, and 10 energy is received every time an enemy is defeated. Random amounts of energy ranging from 5 to 50 are sometimes dropped from defeated enemy bots, which must be clicked on to obtain. Each cannon can be upgraded with a gear, and upgraded again with another gear. Upgrades can be bought with 500 energy each, and are sometimes dropped by defeated enemy boss bots.

System Defender upgrade

An upgrade

Red cannons shoot very fast but have moderate range and deal very low damage. Yellow cannons have very far range but shoot at moderate speed and deal low damage. Purple cannons deal very high damage but shoot very slow and have low range.

Although upgraded purple cannons are shown shooting multiple, smaller shots, these are merely visual and do not deal extra damage.

Image Color Shooting rate Damage dealt
per shot
Range Cost
System Defender red cannon 1
Red cannon Every 0.5 seconds 1 72 50 energy
System Defender red cannon 2
Every 0.5 seconds 4 84 1 upgrade
System Defender red cannon 3
Every 0.5 seconds 8 96 1 additional
System Defender yellow cannon 1
Yellow cannon Every 2.5 seconds 8 180 125 energy
System Defender yellow cannon 2
Every 1.75 seconds 10 200 1 upgrade
System Defender yellow cannon 3
Every 1 second 12 220 1 additional
System Defender purple cannon 1
Purple cannon Every 4 seconds 40 72 250 energy
System Defender purple cannon 2
Every 3.5 seconds 70 72 1 upgrade
System Defender purple cannon 3
Every 3 seconds 90 72 1 additional


Red bots[]


Red bot

  • Red bots attacked in large groups.
  • Best suited cannon: Red, because they could deal damage over a huge area by blasting away quickly.

Yellow bots[]


Yellow bot

  • Yellow bots were fast.
  • Best suited cannon: Yellow, as their projectiles did not need time to reach destination bot.

Purple bots[]


Purple bot

  • Purple bots could take lots of damage.
  • Purple bots were slow.
  • Best suited cannon: Purple, as their beam of energy was concentrated and powerful, and high rate of fire was not necessary.

Boss bots[]

Boss bots were larger, harder to destroy and did more damage than regular bots. Sometimes, when destroyed, they dropped a gear which could be used to upgrade cannons.

Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000[]

The leader of all bots. It was also in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and was rebuilt by Herbert P. Bear. The Ultimate Protobot was also capable of scanning the layout that you have placed, creating attack patterns that would be harder for you.

Herbert P. Bear[]

He was the source and rebuilder of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 and also controlled all the small bots.

Test Robots[]

The Test Robots were supposedly rebuilt by Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000.


Klutzy mistook Herbert's computer with an arcade, and attacked the EPF.



Main article: Tutorial
"Train with G, and learn how to defend EPF computers from attack."

Released on January 14, 2011, when System Defender launched.

Level 1 (Rogue bugs)[]

Main article: Level 1
"Enemy bots are attacking the EPF mainframe computer. But who is responsible?"

Released on January 14, 2011, when System Defender launched.

Level 2 (Herbert)[]

Main article: Level 2

Herbert is set on destroying the EPF. Can you stop him in time?"

Released on January 27, 2011.

Level 3 (Klutzy)[]

Main article: Level 3
"The EPF faces one of its toughest challenges when it's attacked by... Klutzy?"

Released on February 24, 2011.

Level 4 (Test Bots)[]

Main article: Level 4
"The Test Bots are attacking all at once. Can you outsmart all three?" (members only)

Released on February 10, 2011.

Level 5 (Ultimate Protobot)[]

Main article: Level 5
"RED ALERT! The Ultimate Protobot is attacking the EPF mainframe. Battle stations!" (members only)

Released on January 14, 2011, when System Defender launched. Initially, it was unlocked after finishing level 1, but it later became available by default like other levels.

Level 6 (Track Herbert)[]

Main article: Level 6

Herbert P Bear is back with more tricks up his sleeve. Are you ready to face him?"

Released on August 18, 2011.


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  • Use the 200 energy at the start to make 4 red cannons, except for the "Track Herbert" level, where you should put 1 purple cannon on a corner.
  • Red cannons are best placed in u-turns and corners.
  • Once most of the u-turns and corners are filled with red cannons, it is recommended to build yellow cannons separated evenly by each other.
  • It is best to build multiple groups of yellow cannons clustered in groups of 2-6. Yellow cannons are extremely good at protecting the system from huge waves of bots.
  • Build purple cannons when the bosses start appearing in huge groups. They are the perfect anti-boss weapons.
  • When upgrading, upgrade one cannon fully before upgrading the next.


  • The player could earn 1 medal when completing a level for the first time. You could not receive one after beating a previously beaten level.
  • This game was the first appearance of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 in online Club Penguin.
    • It was also the first online sighting of the Test Robots while active. The Wheel-Bot, deactivated, had previously appeared in the Gadget Room before it was destroyed.
  • In level 1, Rookie is the one who send the bots to attack the EPF mainframe computer after he accidentally opens the jar of computer bugs, which was labeled as, 'Computer HUGS'.
  • Before level 6 was released in August 2011, each level had a "challenge level" in its description, giving a rough indication of difficulty. Level 1 was 38 / 100, level 2 was 47 / 100, level 3 was 54 / 100, level 4 was 73 / 100, and level 5 was 96 / 100.
  • Formerly, in the Stamp Book page for this game, one of the pictures required a higher amount of stamps than the amount of stamps that existed, as it required 16 stamps whereas there were only 14 in the game. This was later changed to 14 stamps for the picture to appear. The missing stamps were the Elite Mechanic stamp and Energy 9999 stamp.
  • There was a Card-Jitsu card named Enemy Bots, which depicted the three bots in the game, along with an unseen fourth bot. It was spherical and dark black, with navy blue colored eyes. A portrait for this bot also appeared in the game's files, along with the other portraits.
  • When initially released, System Defender's label said **system_defend** when hovered over. This was later fixed.
  • There were two scrapped levels for System Defender.
    • The first was the original level 6, and was deleted from the game's files when the Track Herbert level was released, and would have been some sort of survival mode, where the player would face "against" the Director. Its description was "SURVIVAL MODE - How long can you last against the Director? Challenge level: 999 / 100". It had no dialogue.
    • The second was a seventh level, which would have seen the return of Herbert and Klutzy, this time armed with more powerful bots. Its description was "HERBERT STRIKES! Herbert's skills are growing. Can you defeat 2 Centipedes of DOOM!?" From the dialog, it seems Herbert would use groups of boss bots, including the "armored turtles of DOOM", "red ants of DOOM", and "twinpedes of DOOM". These are similar in naming scheme to the "centipede of DOOM" from level 2. At the end of the level, Herbert announces his "plan isn't over yet" and Gary mentions that the EPF "need to prepare", suggesting the release of this level might have been connected to something else.
  • When playing this game, the player's avatar would still be visible in the EPF Command Room. It shared this trait with Spy Drills, Astro Barrier, Thin Ice and Bits & Bolts.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Defensor do Sistema
French Défenseur de Système
Spanish Defensor del sistema
German System Defender
Russian Кибер защита