Metalmanager please let me do the halloween mission Ip

Do you guys think we should add the actual missions that you do in the game? ~~Bluehero~~

I made this page specifically fro the missions that can be downloaded online, so not. feel free to make a page about ingame missions though! --Sith Cub Penguinlogo 17:22, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, You're kinda messing it up, you keep adding in the Hint and putting a space on the next sentence!

Like this, see? annoying, isn't it?

Metalmanager (TalkContribsEdit countLearn More)

Will whoevers adding april fools, summer, and halloween missions please stop because the game wasn't even out then! So it's impossible for those missions to exist. ~~Bluehero~~

Change the date on the ds and youll see the missions like 1.4. 2009 BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, well now if you have time... Check this page plz and then you let me edit the page!

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