Hey guys! What do YOU think guys about the Matryoshka Doll (furniture)? Is it rare or not? I consider that rare. Let me tell you what I think. This item was ONLY GIVEN to the first 1,000 penguins who registered in Russian language Club Penguin. NO MORE penguins can obtain it in any ways! There are millions of penguins and only 1,000 penguin have that item. It doesnt matter that it didnt return for 4 years. If you think about it, IT IS, because only very very few penguins have it. So what do YOU think? Thank you! :)

Hi Petros902. I see the item as rare because it has only been given to 1000 players – but this wiki has standards in classifying what is rare. According to this wiki, "the definition for rarity is an item that hasn't been reintroduced in at least 4 years". So officially, a rare item tag shouldn't be added to the article.
✓ Kyfur New Emote (talk) 08:31, May 17, 2014 (UTC)
no I think it's not rare
Matthew.fitzgerald.16 (talk) 08:58, May 17, 2014 (UTC)
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