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Tallest Mountain
Festival of Flight Tallest Mountain

Where Mountain Range
Opened August 14, 2009
Closed August 20, 2009
Mini-games None
Room ID 852
Tour Description
You found the Tallest Mountain and Gary's base of operations! Hip hip hooray

The Tallest Mountain (also referred to as Mt. Tallest or the Highest Mountain) was located in the Mountain Range, and it was the highest point on Club Penguin. While the mountain's summit has only been made accessible once, it was featured prominently in the Mountain Range of Club Penguin, and appeared in several PSA Secret Missions. It was a members-only party room during the Festival of Flight, where it could only be accessed via the Hot Air Balloon Ride. It was so high that in the Case of the Missing Puffles mission, players needed special equipment to climb it.


When informed at the Club Penguin Times newspaper, Gary the Gadget Guy said that his solution to fix the windows of the Underground Pool was to lift the entire island out of the water. However, lifting over 1,000 tons into the air was not easy, so he created the Island Lifter 3000 and put it on the Tallest Mountain.



  • In the comic, Speed Demons, it was called the Highest Mountain, and despite usually being empty, many penguins gathered to watch the first ever 'Super-Sonic Sled Race'.


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