Full Name Tank
Species Snowman
Position Snow Minion
Appeared Card-Jitsu Snow
Color White
Clothes Items Ninja Mask, Black Ninja Belt
Related To Unknown
Friends With Scrap, Sly and Tusk
Meetable Character? No
— Tank

Tank is one of the Snow Minions in Card-Jitsu Snow. Tank is large, strong, but not very smart. He wields a snow flail, and used sleds as armor and shields.


  • As mentioned in a post on the What's New Blog, Tanks favorite food is "farmer's breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, toast, pancakes, extra sausage, extra bacon)". His favorite "dance" is his default animation in Card-Jitsu Snow. Additionally, he supposedly growls when he hears Sensei's name.


  • Health: 60
  • Attack: 10
  • Range: 1
  • Moving Distance: 1
  • Ability: Its attack deals damage 3 tiles in a straight line, but only if it can hit a target directly.


  • Unlike the other snow minions, Tank does not have a carrot for a nose or sticks for arms.
  • Tank's weakness is the Snow Ninja due to the Snow Ninja's high range and moving ability. Careful maneuvering can enable the Snow Ninja to take on two Tanks at once with its range.
  • Tank's counterpart is the Water Ninja. Both deals 10 damage per normal attack, have the same Range stats, and has the highest amount of Health.
    • However, the Water Ninja has the ability to move 2 spaces like the Fire Ninja, while Tank has the ability to deal damage across 3 tiles if it has a target in its range.


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