Full Name Tank
Species Snowman
Position Snow Minion
Appeared Card-Jitsu Snow
Color White
Clothes Items Ninja Mask, Black Belt, Sled, Flail and Sled
Related To Unknown
Friends With Scrap, Sly and Tusk.
Meetable Character? No (Yes in Card-Jitsu Snow)
— Tank

Tank is one of the Snow Minions in Card-Jitsu Snow. Tank was the second villain to be announced. Tank is large, strong, fat, and not that smart. Tank is a bulky snowman with a Ninja Mask around his head and a shell-like thing tied to his back. He uses a Toboggan as a shield.

Fun Facts


  • The Whats New Blog stated that "he is not the sharpest ninja in the dojo", which means he is not very smart.
  • He is the only Snow Minion that does not have a carrot for a nose and sticks for arms.
  • Tank has the most health and highest damage of all 3 snowmen. This is why his name is Tank.
  • Tank uses a Toboggan as a shield.
  • Unlike the other Snowmen, it appears that Tank cannot speak in words- only sounds (mostly growls) or gibberish.
  • He may have been based on a turtle.
    • His name is Tank, which is the home of pet turtles.
    • He is slow and chubby, like a turtle and he can move only 1 step per turn.
    • The shape of his teeth and his head sort of resemble a snapping turtle.
    • He wears something on his back that looks very similar to a shell.
  • He is the only Snowman that does not chuckle when he attacks the ninjas.
  • The best way to defeat Tank is with a Snow Ninja.
    • Due to Tank's movement in the game (one tile each turn), the Snow Ninja's accuracy can be used as an advantage against Tank (you can always stay two tiles ahead and hit him).
  • Tank is possibly a reference to Tank from the Left 4 Dead series, sharing the name and both being extremely powerful and large.


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