Team Dance Battle, or just Dance Battle, is a multi-player memorization game in Club Penguin Island. It can be played at the dance battle area in the western section of Island Central. In the game, two teams compete. At most, there can be ten players in each of the teams for a total of twenty, and at minimum, one player in each team for a total of two. When players interact with the station, they are put in a team. The first player is blue, second is red, third is blue, etc. The game starts if at least two players have interacted with the dance battle station and are waiting.

The game occurs every six minutes, for a total of ten times per hour. Players can only join the game if there is a minute or less until the next game starts.

The game can no longer be played as of Club Penguin Island's discontinuation on December 20, 2018, due to Offline Mode lacking multi-player functionality.


After the game is initiated, one team is randomly decided to go first, and the game starts. Three kinds of notes are shown on the screen behind Cadence in a sequence. After they are shown, players on both teams have to use the action buttons to repeat the notes in the sequence in the correct order and score points for their team. There are four rounds, each with more notes in the sequence, time they are shown, and time to repeat them.

Round Notes in sequence Time sequence shown Time to repeat
1 3 10 seconds 5 seconds
2 5 12 seconds 6 seconds
3 6 13 seconds 7 seconds
4 7 14 seconds 8 seconds

After each round is over, the score of each team is tallied based on the success of correctly repeating the sequences, which is shown on two meters on either side of the screen behind Cadence. Once all four rounds are over, the scores of the two teams are calculated to see which team's score is higher. The winning team receives 20 coins and 10 Cadence XP, and the losing team receives 10 coins and 5 Cadence XP. If there is a tie, both teams receive 10 coins and 5 XP.

Daily Challenges

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The following challenge involves playing Team Dance Battle.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
The Beat Is On
RH quest icon
Solo Participate in a Team Dance Battle 40 coins and 40 XP No
Electric Slide
AA quest icon
Solo Do the Team Dance Battle to restore power for the holiday party 40 coins and 40 XP No


  • While waiting for the game, players can perform one of three actions with action buttons: stretch to the side, walk backwards and clap, or wave.
  • According to a loading screen message, dance battles occur when groups cannot agree about pineapple on pizza.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseBatalha de dança
FrenchBataille de danse
SpanishBatalla de baile
German N/A
Russian N/A
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