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Team Fluffies
Founded 2010
Status Active
Leader Peacesam1
Headquarters Beach (Club Penguin: Game Day!), Cove (Penguin Cup)
Alias(es) Team Yellow, Team Fluffies

Team Fluffies, also known as Team Yellow, was a team in Club Penguin. It was known as the team with the most creativity. The team was first released in September 2010 during the Stadium Games, a month-long event, and in the video game Club Penguin: Game Day! They came 3rd in the Penguin Cup.

Team Profile

Creative and surprising. This team dazzled their opponents and kept them guessing.


  • The Yellow Team was creative and artistic, much like the Yellow Puffle, as seen in Club Penguin: Game Day!
  • The leader of the Yellow Team was Peacesam1, as seen in Club Penguin: Game Day! Another known member of this team was 50chips.
  • The Yellow Team had their own uniform in ice hockey and soccer however, although they did not have a uniform for football unlike the other teams.
  • They were based on Fluffy the Fish.
  • Ever since Polo Field got kicked off from Team Blue, he became the water boy on this team.