Club Penguin Wiki
Team Hot Sauce
Founded 2008
Closed Still open
Status Active
Leader Griffnators (Club Penguin: Game Day!), Ninja (currently)
Headquarters Snow Forts (Club Penguin: Game Day!), Forest (Penguin Cup)
Alias(es) Team Red, Team Hot Sauce

Team Hot Sauce, also known as Team Red, was one of the teams in Club Penguin. They were recognized as the team that uses the most strength. Their headquarters in Club Penguin: Game Day! was the Snow Forts. Their main rival is the Blue Team. They were 2nd in the Penguin Cup.

Team Profile[]

Always ready to compete. They play on streets and in stadiums. It's all about the game.


  • The Red Team and the Blue Team were the two original teams on Club Penguin. In 2009, the Green Team began to appear, and in 2010, the Yellow Team began to appear. Then in 2014, each team was given a real name, instead of a color.
  • It was the second most "popularized" team on Club Penguin.
  • They got an official name prior to the Penguin Cup.
  • At the Snow Forts on the Club Penguin App, you have to choose either the red team or the blue team to fight with snowballs.
  • The Red Team's former leader was Griffinators, but then was changed to Ninja.
  • Their headquarters for the Penguin Cup was the Forest.
  • They were based on Hot Sauce, and are the only team not based on a living thing.