Team Sharks
Founded 2008
Closed Still open
Status Active
Leader Racingwheel (Club Penguin: Game Day!), Polo Field (Formerly)
Headquarters Dock (Club Penguin: Game Day!), Beach (Penguin Cup)
Alias(es) Team Blue, Team Sharks

The Team Sharks (also known as Team Blue), was one of the teams in Club Penguin. They are recognized as the team that uses the most teamwork, and cooperates the most. Their headquarters was the Beach. Their main rival was the Red Team. They were the victors of the Penguin Cup.

Team Profile

You can't shake the Sharks. Strong team spirit gives them an edge in every game.


  • The Red Team and Blue Team were the two original teams on Club Penguin. In 2009, the Green Team was formed and in 2010, the Yellow Team was formed.
  • The Blue Pennant was given to players that have found a replacement target for the two penguins at the Dock in mission 7.
  • They got an official name prior to the Penguin Cup.
  • Their leader is Racingwheel, but during the Penguin Cup it was Polo Field. However, as of June 27, 2014, he was kicked off the team and became the water boy for Team Fluffies, though it may be because he was "scoring more free snacks than goals".[1]



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