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Gary and Dot teleporting in The Veggie Villain.

Teleportation is the ability to transport from one room in Club Penguin to another in an instant. It can be used around Club Penguin, in the PSA Secret Missions, and in the DS games Elite Penguin Force and Herbert's Revenge. The feature is accessed through EPF technology (namely, the Spy Phone, EPF Spy Phone, or Spy Gadget).


  • Attempting to teleport in Mission 11 after the Spy Phone has broken teleports to a random destination.
  • When teleporting, as shown in the PSA Missions and magazine comics, a blue cube with a swirling arrow appears around the one(s) being teleported.
  • Though the teleport function is usually restricted to just one penguin, in PSA Mission #11, Herbert P. Bear teleports both the player and the Popcorn Bomb with a Spy Phone and Dot teleports herself, the player, Gary, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy with her Spy Gadget.
  • The map may be considered a form of teleportation too.