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Televisions are one of the media in Club Penguin, and in many places around the world. Televisions are commonly seen in igloos in the form of furniture items.

TV Channels[]

There are 6 basic channels in Club Penguin:

  • Weather Channel.
  • Test Channel, broadcasting SMPTE color bars.
  • Staring Contest Channel/News Channel/Soap Opera.
  • Yule Log Channel.
  • Sports Channel 1, broadcasting Sled Racing.
  • Sports Channel 2, broadcasting Ice Hockey.

Other channels[]

  • The Cinema Pod features 4 static channels: a rocket, a planet, a star and a UFO.
  • An Astro Barrier channel and a Thin Ice channel. Each shows a walkthrough of two example levels (which don't appear in the games). Can only be watched in the Black TV Stand and in the Gray TV Stand. When changing to any of these channels, a joystick is added to the television.

Furniture devices[]

  • Big Screen TV, HD TV and LCD Television ordinary televisions a flat screen TV than mounts on a wall. It cost 2500 coins. It has an A/V input like the HD TV.
  • The Black TV Stand and the Gray TV Stand are somewhat more advanced- in addition to the ordinary channels, they also have two gaming channels.
  • Cinema Pod, a small television with a futuristic design. It shows a rocket ship, a planet, a star and a UFO.
  • ‎Jumbo TV is a large furniture television. It has no channels, but anything behind it can be seen through the screen.
  • Small Box, sold at the Box Store during the April Fools' Party 2009, is a small box with sketches of channels.


  • On the Staring Contest channel, the left penguin wears Old Blue.
  • In the Command Room (both the old and the new one before the renovations), the Staring Contest channel was broadcasted in a much higher quality, and the penguins mouths were moving. After waiting for 10 seconds, a thick text bar appeared in the bottom of the screen, saying: "This conversation would probably be a lot more interesting with sound... huh?".
  • When Club Penguin first launched, there were only 3 channels. They were the Weather Channel, Test Pattern and the Staring Contest channel.


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