Note: No longer works as of March 11, 2016

This template allows embedding Club Penguin music.

How to add



Replace the "ID" with the music ID. For example:


If you want a random music to be played whenever refreshing the page, add:


If you want to create your own random playlist, add:


Music IDs

You may find a detailed list of most music IDs in this page.

Terms of use

  • This template shall only be used in user pages. In case you store the content of your page in a template, you are allowed to add it to the template.
  • Also, do not use this template in user blog comments, or talk pages of any name space.
  • Do not use it in your blog if you advertise a game you develop, etc., as this is based on Club Penguin's copyrighted files, and must not be used in any way that encourages advertising.

Where to embed

You are able to embed this template on the following namespaces:

  • User
  • User talk
  • Template
  • User blog

Tired of music?

You can disable music by adding to your custom JS page, by adding:

// Remove embedded music from Template:EmbedMusic and Template:MusicPlay
$(".embedmusic embed").remove();

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