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Template-info.svg InformationHow to read item infoboxes?
Available ?
Type ?
Member item ?
Party ?
Cost ?
Where found ?
Item ID ?
Unlockable ?

This template is intended to be used on the articles of all the items in Club Penguin.

Copy and paste this onto the desired page:

|name =
|image =
|imagesize =
|available =
|type =
|member =
|party =
|cost =
|found =
|id =
|unlock = 

Fill in the gaps to add the details:

  1. The name of the item. By default, if you don't enter a name, it is the page's title.
  2. Please simply put down the prefix "File", the image name and the image type (e.g PNG). No pixel sizes or link brackets. If there is no image, leave it blank.
  3. The size of the image in pixels (e.g.: 150px)
  4. Is it available anymore? (Yes/No)
  5. Is it a clothing or furniture item? (Clothing/Furniture)
  6. Is it a free item or member item? (Free/Member)
  7. What Party was it found in? (Names of parties seperate by a line break/None)
  8. If it is still available, how much is it? (Cost/Unavailable)
  9. Where was it found, or which catalogue was it in? (Name of Room/Name of Catalogue)
  10. The ID of the item.
  11. If it is in the treasure book. (If yes, enter which series, like Yes (Series 1 and 2))