For items that are not unlockable, or unlockable only, use this template.

This template is a sort of "shortcut" for adding .swf links to item articles. It will not work for most of the mascot item files, nor with puffle SWF files. Replace "ID1" with the ID of the item, and replace "ID2" with the other version's ID (e.g. the unlockable version's ID).


Also, you can specify if the item has a back paper SWF (typically exists for capes, wings, etc.):


Additionally, you can specify the names of the items if they are different from the page name:


Finally, if an item has 3 different versions (e.g. if it has a non-member SWF, member SWF, and unlockable SWF), you can use the following syntax:

Example of usage

Note that "5=" forces the value of the 5th parameter, ID3, since we don't need to specify a different item name for Name2 and Name3 in the case of the Popcorn item.






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