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{{Mariobilly's Banner}}
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=About me=
==My [[Template:UserInfobox|UIB]]==
|bgcolor = Red
|textcolor= pink
|User name = Mariobilly
|image = File:MyPenguin.jpg|thumb
|caption = Mariobilly in all his glory! Tremble! Heh, heh. I'm just kidding. Hey, wanna see a magic trick? Oh, right. This is online.
|penguins name = Mariobilly
|favorites = [[Beta Hat T-Shirt]], [[Wool Socks]], [[3D Glasses]]
|member = Yes
|first pin = [[Aqua Grabber Sub Pin]]
|famous peng = [[Rockhopper]], [[Gary the Gadget Guy]],Rockhopper (again.) (maybe.), [[Sensei]], Rockhopper (again.)
|joined wiki = April 2nd, 2012
|joined cp = March 10th, 2008
|admin = No
Mariobilly (me) is a peace loving Club Penguin, and CLub Penguin Wiki user, who discovered he is actually a robot made by Herbert. I like to meet other pengunins, and when it comes out, I'm switching to the color [[Arctic White]]. After I get it, I will have a poll to see if I should go back to [[Red]], or keep [[Arctic White]]. If you want to meet me on Club Penguin, please leave me a message in [[User talk:Mariobilly|my inbox]]. P.S. Pick ther [[server]] Tuxedo, because busy servers won't load for me, and it's my favorite server, because I used to make arrangements to meet my real life friends there.
Red: Fireball
Orange: Cookie
Yellow: Paint
Green: Weegee
Blue: Roy
Purple: Peachy
Pink: Sweetie
White: Snowball
Black: Skateball
Brown: Poop
(other) Brown: Hi
==Notice Board==
My party logo: [[file:White Beta Penguin.jpg|50px]]
==Fun Facts==
1. I joined [[Club Penguin]] on the same day [[Club Penguin Improvement Project]] was launched!
2. I have 1 of each puffle, except for [[Brown Puffle]], which I have 2 of.
3. I'm friends with the famous [[Cool Times]]!
{{Elite Penguin Force Agent}}
{{Elite Penguin Force}}
{{Red Puffle}}
{{Orange Puffle}}
{{Yellow Puffle}}
{{Green Puffle}}
{{Blue Puffle}}
{{Purple Puffle}}
{{Pink Puffle}}
{{White Puffle}}
{{Black Puffle}}
{{Brown Puffle}}
{{Brown Puffle}}
{{Red Team}}
{{Fire Ninja}}
{{United States}}

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