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About Me=
My infobox=
|bgcolor = red
|textcolor = pink
|name = MODEL-52716188 "Mariobilly" Cheesonastick Roulette Korplonk Bear, I
|id = 121c6f96-9f28-46b6-b836-60ce4d4dd9da
|caption = I, Mariobilly in all my glory! Tremble! TREMBLE!!! Heh heh. Just kidding. Hey, wanna see a magic trick? Oh, right, we're online. Well, if you want to see it just go to NUMBERS AND LETTERS.
|penguins name = Mariobilly
|favorites = [[Head Item]]:[[New Player Red Baseball Hat]]<br>[[Face Item]]:[[3D Glasses]]<br>[[Neck Item]]:[[Vinyl Messenger Bag]]<br>[[Body Item]]:[[Beta Hat T-Shirt]]<br>[[Hand Item]]:[[Wingwarmers]]<br>[[Feet Item]]:[[Brown Shoes]]<br>[[Background]]:[[Herbert's Giveaway Background]]<br>[[Pin]]:[[Herbert Security Clearance Pin]]
|member = Yes
|first pin = [[Aqua Grabber Sub Pin]]
|famous peng = [[Rockhopper]], [[Gary]],Rockhopper (again.), [[Sensei]], Rockhopper (again.), [[Herbert P. Bear]]
|joined wiki = April 2<sup>nd</sup>, 2012
|joined cp = March 10<sup>th</sup>, 2008
|admin = No (at least not yet. Muhaha.)
I, Mariobilly, am a robot built by Herbert who was set to destroy Club Penguin, but discovered friendship. People (especially Herbert) say that I'm very stupid. But, of course I'm smart! I know that fish + fish = stack of waffles wearing sunglasses. Anyway, moving on. My girlfriend is named Susan who was the one that showed me love when I was first built. I go to Club Penguin High School, and always volunteer to help Herbert. Klutzy is my best friend.
This is my igloo!
My [[VIP Penthouse|Penthouse]], which I may be living in for quite a while. Genetic clones of Herbert do my bidding!

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