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{{!}}-{{!}}My UIB={{UserInfobox
|bgcolor = Red
|textcolor= pink
|User name = Mariobilly
|image = File:MyPenguin.jpg
|caption = Mariobilly in all his glory! Tremble! Heh, heh. I'm just kidding. Hey, wanna see a magic trick? Oh, right. This is online.
|penguins name = Mariobilly
|favorites = [[Head Item]]:[[New Player Red Baseball Hat]]<br>[[Face Item]]:[[3D Glasses]]<br>[[Neck Item]]:[[Vinyl Messenger Bag]]<br>[[Body Item]]:[[Beta Hat T-Shirt]]<br>[[Hand Item]]:[[Wingwarmers]]<br>[[Feet Item]]:[[Brown Shoes]]<br>[[Background]]:[[Emotes Background]]<br>[[Pin]]:[[United States flag]]
|member = Yes
|first pin = [[Aqua Grabber Sub Pin]]
|famous peng = [[Rockhopper]], [[Gary the Gadget Guy]],Rockhopper (again.), [[Sensei]], Rockhopper (again.)
|joined wiki = April 2nd, 2012
|joined cp = March 10th, 2008
|admin = No (at least not yet. Muhaha.)

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