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Mariobilly in all his glory! Tremble! Heh, heh. I'm just kidding. Hey, wanna see a magic trick? Oh, right. This is online.
Penguin's Name Mariobilly
Favorites Head Item:New Player Red Baseball Hat
Face Item:3D Glasses
Neck Item:Vinyl Messenger Bag
Body Item:Beta Hat T-Shirt
Hand Item:Wingwarmers
Feet Item:Brown Shoes
Background:Emotes Background
Pin:United States flag
Member? Yes
First Pin Aqua Grabber Sub Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper, Gary the Gadget Guy,Rockhopper (again.), Sensei, Rockhopper (again.)
Date Joined Wiki April 2nd, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin March 10th, 2008
Admin? No (at least not yet. Muhaha.)

|-|▾={{#tag:tabber|(Auto)Bio=Mariobilly (me) is a peace loving Club Penguin, and Club Penguin Wiki user, who discovered he is actually a robot made by Herbert. I like to meet other penguins, and when it comes out, I'm switching to the color Arctic White. After I get it, I will have a poll to see if I should go back to Red, or keep Arctic White. If you want to meet me on Club Penguin, please leave me a message in my inbox.

P.S. Pick ther server Tuxedo, because busy servers won't load for me, and it's my favorite server, because I used to make arrangements to meet my real life friends there.


Red: Fireball

Orange: Cookie

Yellow: Paint

Green: Weegee

Blue: Roy

Purple: Peachy

Pink: Sweetie

White: Snowball

Black: Skateball

Brown: Poop

(other) Brown: Hi

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