The syntax of the template is:


Where filename is a file name of an existing music file in the wiki.
For example, to add the music Better Days, that its music file is called Better Days music 2011.ogg, add:

{{MusicPlay|Better Days music 2011.ogg}}

Terms of use

  • This template shall only be used in the following namespaces:
    1. User
    2. User talk
    3. User blog
    4. Template- only if it is for personal use and is meant to go on the previous namespaces
    • Remember: do Not use this template in user blog comments, mainspace, or any other namespace that wasn't mentioned to be valid above.
  • Do not embed real life songs with words. This is with an exception of music that is officially available in Club Penguin.
  • Changes in the terms may occur.

Tired of music?

You can disable music by adding to your custom CSS page, by adding:

object.musictemplate, img.musictemplate {
	display: none;

For re-enabling it, either replace the word disabled with enabled, or change the number 365 with -1.

Interested in adding this template to your wiki?

Please follow the instructions on this page.

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