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Gender ?
Profession ?
Meetable Character? ?

This template is intended to be used on the articles of all the characters in Club Penguin.

Copy and paste this onto the desired page if you need to use it:

|image = 
|imagesize = 
|aliases =
|species = 
|gender =
|profession = 
|meetable = 
|firstappearance = 
|signature =

Fill in the gaps after the equal signs with the respective details. If there's no info on it, leave it out.

  1. image - Add a high-quality image that shows what the character looks like.
  2. imagesize - The width of the image in pixels. 250px is the maximum.
  3. aliases - What names has this character been referred to as in Club Penguin?
  4. species - What is the species of the character? (Puffle/Penguin/Other)
  5. gender - What is the character's gender? (Male/Female)
  6. profession - What are the character's profession(s)? These can be a job, occupation, or an area the character is known for and a specialist in. If there's more than one, use this line break code to seperate them: <br/>
  7. meetable - Is this character meetable in-game? (Yes/No)
  8. firstappearance - When did this character first appear in-game in Club Penguin? If this character is not meetable, remove the "|firstappearance =".
  9. signature - What is the character's signature? (Include an image) - If there is no signature, remove the "|signature =".

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