{{Player Card Plain|alpha}}

Replace the word "alpha" with a penguin's player card ID.

Notice that a penguin's Player Card ID is different from the ID of the penguin itself.


All moderators have been added to this template (not mascots). For example, for Polo Field's player card, instead of:

{{Player Card Plain|2dc0fb07-ccc0-44dc-b30a-443285b7f5f6}}

you would put:

{{Player Card Plain|Polo Field}}


A few additional optional parameters are:

{{Player Card Plain
Parameter Role Values
id Player card ID The ID of the player card (same as {{Player Card Plain|<ID>}})
lang Language pt, fr, es, de, ru. English by default
bg Whether or not to include a background On: true, yes, 1. Off: false, no, 0
pin Whether or not to include a pin/flag On: true, yes, 1. Off: false, no, 0
size Image size A number from 1 to 600. 60px by default


You can also create a shortcut for the ID and size in the following way:

{{Player Card Plain|<ID>|<size>}}

Difference from Template:Player Card

Template:Player Card includes a thumbnail frame for the image, while this one only includes the image.

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