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My regular look (no pin)
Penguin's Name Redyoshi26
Favorites Ye Knight's Quest: Scorn's Revenge, Club Penguin, Operation: Hot Sauce, and Rookie.
Member? No (getting it soon)Sad face
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper, Gary the Gadget Guy, Herbert P. Bear, Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Penguin Band, Rookie, and Sensei.
Date Joined Wiki August 19, 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin March 20, 2010
Admin? No

About My Penguin

My username is redyoshi26 and on Poptropica (which I don't play a lot), my account is redyoshi95, just like from ROBLOX. On Club Penguin, I get bored sometimes and sometimes I have fun in parties like being a puffle during Puffle Parties, sometimes like to do the Ye Knight's Quests during Medieval Parties, during the Prehistoric Party, I liked being a Dinosaur, and during April Fools Parties, I liked to go to different dimensions. I log on and go to the Server, Abominable. Sometimes I don't because my computer isn't fast and even if I'm in a place with just like 18 penguins or more, when it's loading, it loads forever and never ends so that's why I go to different servers sometimes. Also might be testing something on different servers. Puffle Digging is very fun so sometimes I do that to get rare items and it looks like I got the rare shirt I wanted a lot so make sure you do Puffle Digging so you can get rare stuff! I am a Tour Guide, a EPF Agent, and a Chef.

About My Puffles

My puffle, Cloud, I made him ran away and I only my green puffle, Funny, was my only puffle. Ask why? It's because:

  • All of my puffles ran away because I had like 18 puffles
  • I ran out of food feeding them
  • When they are playing, I gotta switch the igloo so I see them (also if sleeping)
  • It's for like, 9 minutes or less

I will also show my ran away puffles so lots of puffles. I said 18 but I might be wrong. I only remember a few puffles so if it's not 18, it's because it wasn't 18 or I just forgot one of my puffles.


Available Yes. Complete all 4 puffle tasks at the Puffle Hotel for coins and a rainbow puffle (rainbow puffle is only for members).
Attitude Funny, Hungry (when I don't really feed him), Sleepy (when he doesn't really sleep), and Happy (sometimes).
Member only Yes
Favorite toys The Epic Cloud, The Cloud 3000
Play action Plays with The Cloud 3000
Dance The Dancing Cloud
Tongue color Red/Blue
Speed Fast, Slow if hungry
Special features Burps and farts out clouds
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games Jet Pack Adventure
ID 5230


Cloud is a very fun rainbow puffle. He likes to play with different clouds. I will now tell you the clouds:

  • White Cloud
  • The Cloud 3000
  • Thunder Master
  • Rainbow Smash
  • Raincraft
  • Crombie Lightning
  • Mill Cloud Bill
  • Cloud Falls
  • Club Penguin Rainbow Cloud

Cloud has lots of clouds. He likes to eat rainbow cookies. It's his favourite. He has tons of friends. He runs fast like a cheetah. He likes playing Minecraft and he likes watching Gravity Falls. He got the Cloud 3000 from his friend, Bill the Gadget Puffle. Almost like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls and Gary the Gadget Guy.

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