[[ |{{{1}}}]] Succession box [[ |{{{2}}}]]

To use this template, type in the following line, and fill out anything in parentheses:

{{Succession box|(The proceeding item)|(The succeeding item)}}

Fill out anything in parentheses. In case the page has brackets inside of item (for example, Party Hat (item)), add a third parameter with the regular name:

{{Succession box|(The proceeding item)|(The succeeding item)|(this page's name with no brackets)}}

Option to change links names

In case the one or some of the links link to a page with a title that is a bit different from the subject's name, like Stove (ID 812), you might want to change the link name, using the following template parameters:

{{Succession box
|1= Previous item
|2= Next item
|3= Changing the page's name
|4= Previous item (link title)
|5= Next item (link title)
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