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Penguin's Name {{{penguins name}}}
Favorites {{{favorites}}}
First Pin {{{first pin}}}
Famous Penguins Met {{{famous peng}}}
Date Joined Wiki {{{joined wiki}}}
Date Joined Club Penguin {{{joined cp}}}

This template is intended to be used for userpages.

Copy and paste this onto the desired page:

|bgcolor = 
|User name = 
|image = 
|imagesize = 
|caption = 
|bgcolor = 
|textcolor = 
|bgcolor2 = 
|textcolor2 = 
|penguins name = 
|favorites = 
|member = 
|first pin = 
|stamps = 
|famous peng = 
|joined wiki = 
|left wiki = 
|joined cp = 
|admin = 
|notes = 

Online penguin look

Add a parameter of:


Use imagesize to resize it as well. Further optional player card image parameters:


Their values are the same as the values of Template:Player Card Plain.

Penguin Age

As Club Penguin only shows penguins' age in days, you can use this online converter to find out when your penguin was created.

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