The Temple of Fruit was a temple that was the focus of the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. It was created by the hungry and angry spirit Big-Big Kahuna, which resided in a statue Rockhopper found on his journeys, and later brought to the Club Penguin Island.

When Rockhopper docked, the statue grew to a massive size, and formed a volcano with this temple built into it. The temple was located at the Snow Forts, and the interior could only be accessed by collecting the three "Sacred Fruits": a watermelon at the Dock, an apple at the Forest, and a pineapple at the Cove. Players also needed membership in order to access the temple.

The first room inside was the Ancient Temple, which was made up of multiple sections with various puzzles and traps. After making it through this room, players would arrive at the Kahuna Kave. Here, if fruit (replacing snowballs) was thrown into the mouth of a statue, the Watermelon Costume, Apple Costume, and Pineapple Costume could be obtained.

The top of the volcano, the Volcano Mouth, could be accessed from the three staircases outside the temple, with each staircase leading to a different section. From here, players could throw fruit into the Big-Big Kahuna's mouth to appease his hunger. If 15 of one type of fruit was thrown, the Yellow Kahuna Background, Red Kahuna Background, and Green Kahuna Background were rewarded depending on which section the player threw fruit from. The Grape Bunch Costume was rewarded after the three backgrounds were obtained.

Halfway through the party, the Big-Big Kahuna's hunger was appeased. However, the temple remained unchanged for the rest of the party. After the party ended, the statue returned to its normal size. Rockhopper took it with him and left the Club Penguin Island to continue sailing, with his first stop being to return the statue to the island it was found.




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