Costume Trunk July 2009 4

Full Name Tenor
Species Penguin
Position Unknown
Appeared Ruby and The Ruby
Color Purple
Clothes Items Skinny Blue Tie, Blue Felt Hat, Blue Zoot Suit, Black Zoot Shoes
Related To  ?
Friends With Hopscotch gang
Meetable Character? No

Tenor is a character in Ruby and the Ruby, a play at the Stage. He is purple and wears the Skinny Blue Tie, Blue Felt Hat, Blue Zoot Suit and the Black Zoot Shoes. Tenor first appeared in a back-alley playing hopscotch, when Jacques Hammer and Ms. Ruby arrived in the search for the Ruby.


Scene 2

  • Tenor: Mind if I play hopscotch while you ask them?
  • Tenor: I was right here with my hopscotch gang.
  • Tenor: You're barking up the wrong tree, Hammer.

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