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Test Run

A penguin navigating the Test Run.

The Test Run is a special ski run that appeared in multiple missions. In PSA Mission 2, G wants you to test a sled, but you end up crashing in the Wilderness. In PSA Mission 6, you chase after Klutzy the Crab, although this time you fall down the run. In the EPF mission Rookie on the Rocks, you snowboard down this run to find Rookie, an EPF agent, who has gone missing while trying to find the culprit of stolen warning signs. In the EPF mission Robots on the Run, you chase the Snow-Bot who tries to escape down the Test Run.


The message that appears when you crash.

This run consists of starting like the other runs, with logs and piles of snow that act like ramps. However, after a while, there is a small tunnel filled with rocks and stalagmites. Out of the tunnel, you must pass rough terrain, littered with rocks, trees, and branches. The run ends with two logs in the formation of an X.


The two logs at the end of the course.


  • There are more obstacles in this run than the normal runs used in Sled Racing, such as trees and rough tunnels.
  • It's impossible to complete this course, because two logs block your path at the end of the course.
  • This is the only Sled Run that does not include an Ice Patch.
  • According to Screenhog, a lot of the code used for Cart Surfer was used to make the Test Run minigame.[1]
  • At the end of the logs section, if you lost no lives, you will automatically lose a life after you have jumped over the last log.
    • When you enter the tunnel, if you have only lost one life, you will automatically lose a life.

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