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The 13th Floor
Halloween Party 2014 The 13th Floor 2.png

Where Puffle Hotel
Opened October 26, 2014
Closed November 5, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 861, 892 (solo)
Tour Description
The evil ghost that haunted the hotel... was defeated here. When the hotel returns to normal... I guess I'll be out of a job!

The 13th Floor was a party room in Club Penguin. It was open during the Halloween Party 2014. You had to visit here to fight Skip, and free Gariwald and the Ghost Puffles. Upon completing Gariwald's ghost catching device, you are trapped in a cage and raised up to the 13th floor. Skip then announces he tricked you all along. Gariwald then tells you that you need to break free of the cage. After throwing a snowball at the circuit box on the wall, you break free. After attempting to walk to the captured puffles, Skip shoots a laser at you. You must then throw a snowball at the bricks above him to cause them to fall, stunning Skip. You must then step on the button by the cage, which frees the ghost puffles and Gariwald, and launches Skip away. You could then pick up the Bellhop Hat and adopt a ghost puffle.


  • The events that happened on this floor is a reference to the fact that 13 is considered an unlucky number.



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