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The Director of the EPF
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Aunt Arctic
since November 25, 2008
(October 24, 2005 in the PSA era)
This article is about the Director of the EPF, an alternate identity of Aunt Arctic. For the regular identity of this penguin, see Aunt Arctic. For the stage director, see Hector the Director.
And although the road ahead is long... The EPF shall rise again.
Aunt Arctic as The Director on Operation: Blackout

The Director of the EPF, commonly addressed as The Director, or simply Director, is the leader of the Elite Penguin Force, and formerly the Penguin Secret Agency as well. The Director title has always been held by Aunt Arctic who kept her identity a secret until Operation: Blackout.


Unlike her alter ego, Aunt Arctic, the Director shows a cool and collected approach to daily interactions such as addressing agents. She has a formal approach to everything and - like Aunt Arctic is shown to be extremely sophisticated. At times she shows moments of comfort and appreciation. For example, she once left a note for an agent in an anniversary book stating she was 'so proud of you'.


As all the public appearances of the Director are always shadowed out, the only visible items worn are a pair of sunglasses, a shirt with a collar, and the subtle beginning of a tie. Their signature is also known, which is the 27th character of the Tic-Tac-Toe Code (the first 26 characters are the English alphabet).

Role in the Elite Penguin Force

The Director mainly takes a background role; acting as a voice of reason in the agency while trying to coordinate operations and advancements in technology/resources. On random occasions, the Director will leave a message in a form of communication such as The Penguin Times or Spy Phone messages.


Aunt Arctic was not originally conceived as being the Director of the Penguin Secret Agency. While making the Tic-Tac-Toe Code, Screenhog ended up with an extra symbol, and came up with the idea of this being the signature of a theoretical director of the agency. This raised the question of who this director could be, and since the only penguin character that existed at the time was Aunt Arctic (the Penguin Band had not yet been made into characters), various connections between Aunt Arctic and a potential agency director were made:

  • Aunt Arctic, running a question and answer column in the newspaper, knew a lot of information, valuable as the leader of an agency.
  • There was a secret where, when Aunt Arctic's icon in her section was hovered over, her glasses would become sunglasses, which were sold in The F.I.S.H..
  • Since the extra symbol was after Z, this implied the next symbol, used as the director's signature, was their name. Since, if the alphabet is formed as a circle, after Z would be A again, and Aunt Arctic's initials are "AA".

Screenhog brought up these coincidences with Club Penguin's head writer, Gin, and they began to think of Aunt Arctic as being the Director. The first mission, Case Of The Missing Puffles, was meant to be the Director training the player. However, the connection was left vague in case a better option for a director were to come in the future.[1]



Outside of missions

  • The Director was first mentioned in issue 43 of The Penguin Times, in a story about an ambiguous agent helping a new penguin. After the agent's deeds were mentioned, the Director proceeded to commend all agents for their good work, and that they have been in the agency for a long time, and later state that missions would be coming soon.
  • The Director was mentioned multiple times in the Ask Aunt Arctic section of The Penguin Times in Summer and Fall of 2006. In issue 44, Aunt Arctic mentions the Director is a "close friend" of hers, in issue 49, she mentions she and the Director were recently talking, and in issue 52, she mentions that she and the Director "go way back".
  • The Director was mentioned and pictured in section 4 of version 1.3 of The F.I.S.H., telling agents about the purpose of the PSA.
  • The Director appeared in an explicit interview in the Club Penguin Times on the 15th of January 2011, after the EPF was confirmed to be real to the public in another article which may appear to be Herbert P. Bear. Strangely, the interview was not direct and took place in the Dance Lounge.
  • The Director sends messages to all EPF agents every once in a while.
  • There is a picture of The Director in one of the log off screens. The picture is captioned Top Secret.
  • The Director appeared in the Yearbook 2011-2012 if the player moused over the word "unnoticed" on Dot's picture in the character gallery.
  • The Director of EPF appeared at the end of Club Penguin: Halloween Panic!, talking with Gary about taking Sydmull to the EPF test.


"Let this be our finest hour", which is a reference on World War 2's famous British prime minister, Winston Churchill, who said, "Men will still say, 'This was their finest hour.'

  • Let this be our finest hour.
  • Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.
  • You now are worthy of my secret. Keep it well.
  • This is my final message to you. Herbert has found me. He is coming. The fate of the island rests on you... (gets cut off)
  • A secret agent's first job is to look for clues.
  • Greetings everyone. For those who may not know me, I am the leader of all secret agent operations on the island. You may call me the Director.
  • Allow me to explain why you're here.
  • We need the best....
  • Due to the damage caused by Herbert's attack, the PSA is no more.
  • Excellent. We shall begin immediately.
  • Good luck, everyone.
  • You never know when something will prove helpful.
  • You demonstrated great thinking, and a willingness to help your teammates over yourself, and that's just the kind of penguin we need leading the team.
  • We believe that Herbert is up to something. Something big.
  • Well put.
  • Oh calamity! This is a disaster!
  • What happened to Herbert? Where is he?
  • Hold on for your orders. G is running some calculations.
  • Gary, stay focused.
  • And though the road ahead is long, the EPF shall rise again.


  • After the Friends List update in October 2011, if the player tried to send a friend request to "Director", the message "That information is highly classified, try searching someone else." would appear.
  • In issue #348 of the Club Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic is asked if she is a super hero, in which she replies: "I suppose that might be possible. I could be the leader of an elite squad of super penguins, protecting the island from evil. I mean, anything's possible, right? Hahaha! Sorry, just having a little fun there. I am most definitely not a super hero. I don't have any special powers, I don't have a secret fortress, and I don't look good in capes. Though if I did have a secret identity, I probably wouldn't tell anyone. I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, too.", poking at the Director mystery.
  • Her voice can be heard during Operation: Blackout while briefing the player on missions, but the voice is heavily distorted.
  • Despite her identity being revealed after Operation: Blackout, she is still censored on the spy phone and at mission briefings. This could possibly be because only the penguins that finished Operation: Blackout, Gary, Dot, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy know her identity and not the rest of the penguins who weren't at Operation: Blackout.
  • According to Gary 3000, Rookie is the director of the Extra-Planetary Federation in the future at some point.
  • In the Ask Aunt Arctic section in issue 464 of the Club Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic received two questions asking if she was the Director. She denies both questions, saying she is too busy with the newspaper, and mentioning that whoever the Director is, they probably would like to maintain their secret identity. If the player clicked those last two words, a note would appear, which read "Agents, my identity may be compromised. Initiate Propeller Protocol immediately."
  • Polo Field stated in a YouTube comment section that the phrase "Aunt Arctic is The Director" was hidden in the game through morse code prior to the reveal, but did not state where.[2]


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