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The Fair 2009
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Members only? Great Puffle Circus Entrance, Great Puffle Circus
When September 4–14, 2009
Free Item(s) None
Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

The Fair 2009 was a carnival-themed party in Club Penguin. Like the previous years, it had prize booths, games and features such as a visit from Rockhopper. It began September 4, 2009, and ended on September 13, 2009.

The advertisement featuring The Fall Fair 2009 in the Club Penguin start screen. The Great Puffle Circus was mentioned in this picture

An advertisement for The Fair 2009 in the Club Penguin Times


Non Members

Image Item Type Cost
Stripey Hat.PNG Stripey Hat* Head Item 150 Tickets
Feathered Tiara.PNG Feathered Tiara Head Item 100 Tickets
Cosmic Star Hat.PNG Cosmic Star Hat Head Item 100 Tickets
Cotton Candy Pin.PNG Blue Cotton Candy Pin Pin 50 Tickets
Fair Beacon Background icon.png Fair Beacon Background Backgrounds 50 Tickets


Image Item Type Cost
Circus Tent igloo icon ID 29.png Circus Tent Igloo 700 Tickets
RingMasterHat.png Ring Master Hat Head Item 110 Tickets
Ring Master Outfit clothing icon ID 4119.png Ring Master Outfit Body Item 300 Tickets
Teddy Bear Item.png Teddy Bear Hand Item 200 Tickets
Fair BG.png Carnival Background Backgrounds 50 Tickets
CurlyMustache.png Curly Mustache* Face Item 50 Tickets
Snack Stand furniture icon ID 573.png Snack Stand* Furniture 300 Tickets

* These items were added on September 11, 2009.

Game Locations


  • Grab-and-Spin did not come back because of the ticket cheat in the Fall Fair 2008.
  • The previous name, Fall Fair was changed to The Fair in 2009, because it was Spring for people in the Southern Hemisphere, or don't have fall at all (near the Equator).
  • The prizes were a lot cheaper than the last fair (example the Teddy Bear cost 2000 tickets in 2008, whereas it cost 200 tickets in 2009).
  • There was a bug at this party when you entered the Bonus Game Room you would be on the Hot Air Balloon Ride that occurred at the Festival of Flight.


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