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The Fair 2014 Prizes Catalog
The Fair 2014 Catalog Icon.png

The catalog's icon
Date released February 20, 2014
Available? No
Update frequency None
Items sold Clothing, Puffle Hats
Where found Park Entrance booth, catalog icon

The Fair 2014 Prizes Catalog was a party catalog during The Fair 2014, unlike the previous fairs, where the party's prizes were sorted at the Prize Booth. The catalog is divided to 2 pages for member-only items, where the second page contains items only available from February 27. In addition, each page include a bottom row of items available to all players, where each new item can be redeemed starting on the next day. A button that leads to The Daily Spin is also included in the catalog.
The catalog could be accessed from a booth located at the Park Entrance, and also by clicking a ticket icon on the upper-right corner of the screen. Like in the previous fairs, the currency used to redeem these prizes is tickets.


Prizes for Everyone

Image Items Available from Price (tickets)
Clothing Icons 1779.png
Carnival Party Hat February 20, 2014 1,000
Clothing Icons 2149.png
Pixel Shades February 21, 2014 1,500
Clothing Icons 5422.png
Old West Lasso February 22, 2014 700
Clothing Icons 1778.png
Carnival Jester Hat February 23, 2014 1,000
Clothing Icons 5419.png
Blue Balloon Sword February 24, 2014 1,500
Clothing Icons 5421.png
Sea Fishing Rod February 25, 2014 900
Clothing Icons 5417.png
‎Noble Steed February 26, 2014 1,500
Clothing Icons 1780.png
Twinkle Twinkle Hat February 27, 2014 1,000
Clothing Icons 5420.png
Retro Joystick February 28, 2014 500
Clothing Icons 1781.png
Cool Down Hat March 1, 2014 1,000

Member-only Prizes

Image Items Available from Price (tickets)
Clothing Icons 1777.png
Pork Pie Hat February 20, 2014 900
Clothing Icons 24041.png
Carnival Barker Outfit 2,000
Clothing Icons 4414.png
Blue Wheeler 3,500
Puffle Care icons Head Sheriffstetson.png
Sheriff Stetson 4,000
Clothing Icons 5418.png
Carnival Cane 750
Clothing Icons 6217.png
White Patent Shoes 900
Rooster Costume 2,500
Rooster Feet clothing icon ID 6083.png
Rooster Feet 900
Clothing Icons 5415.png
Green Motorbike 3,500
Clothing Icons 5414.png
Fluffy Stuffie February 27, 2014 1,500
Cow Costume icon.png
Cow Costume 2,000
Horse Costume icon.png
Horse Costume 2,000
Puffle Care icons Head Quasarhelmet.png
Quasar Helmet 4,000
Polka Dot Pirate 4,000
Clothing Icons 5416.png
Blue Motorbike 3,500
The Red Racer.png
The Red Racer 3,000
Horse Hooves.png
Horse Hooves 900
Green Wheeler.png
Green Wheeler 3,000


  • Only 40 items or less from each puffle hat can be redeemed.


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